Solution SigeMAN

Software Comprehensive Maintenance Management


Our solutions do not require any sort of installation.

For a good management communication is the most important thing so that we can always send messages, images, files … that can be accessed whenever and wherever one desires.

The system facilitates a comprehensive management from any place with internet connection. The technicians have a web application from which they can manage the incidents and send related information, as it is available for any mobile device.

It does not require any sort of installation or maintenance; it is very intuitive and easy to use. It is a living system thanks to regular updates with the latest developments and innovations

This system is what is called comparative advantage against competition.

Saving and Cost Reduction

Greater productivity is obtained as a result of the improvement in the quality of the service. This gives us an increase in profitability thanks to the reduction of costs.

Thanks to the centralized information you have access at all times to the technical documentation of the equipment.

We can establish automatic notifications that can be linked to notices, budgets and extra charges, which speed up the work and make the investment profitable.

Planning y Statistics

We have a calendar with the status of the assignments. It is possible to manage and assign the technicians based on workload and effectiveness and reassign of them for the same incident according to availability, keeping the action history.

Thanks to the traceability and statistics of all operations, analysing maintenance has never been easier. Now it is possible to study, without spending much time, the compliance and effectiveness of our technicians.

We can analyse their ratios and the service indicators that we  have defined.