Solution SigeMAO

Comprehensive Building Management Software

Technology and Equipment

Our solutions do not require any sort of installation.

Real-time communication and accessibility is complete from any location with an internet connection.

We minimize data loss with a system developed in a WEB environment hosted in “the cloud” and in servers of maximum security.

From any mobile device technicians and suppliers have a Web app from which they can manage and resolve incidents by sending related information, allowing to follow the evolution of the activity in real time.

Saving and Control

We can configure indicators to identify and quantify deficiencies (KPI), which optimizes the resolution of incidents and eliminate operations that do not generate value.

We will achieve a great overall savings in management thanks to the simplification of concepts, the adaptability of the ranges and stages of maintenance, with all the information in real time, etc … and we have more control over all our technicians, suppliers and subcontractors thanks to reports of resolution and activity times.

We achieved a reduction in paper spending, which implies awareness for the environment.

Planning and Statistics

We can inherit the legal requirements applicable to the equipment we maintain and add the requirements of our customers.

We have a calendar with interactive tools to facilitate the organization and visualization of the maintenance provided by technicians or subcontractors.

Complemented with the mobility systems, also integrated in this solution, it is possible that all the actors have the appropriate tool to manage and inform in the system about compliance of the maintenance.

The system has defined the basic parameters to present the ratios and indicators of compliance in order to analyse the service and effectiveness of our own subcontractors or technicians.

Having all the information integrated in a database is very simple to prepare reports for the clients, to calculate the statistics of the service and to represent them graphically. We demonstrate to our client not only that the service is optimized, but also that we know how to interpret and present the results.