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Software Asset Management

SigePro is an optimized management system, exclusively developed by managers from their own experience, to solve the needs of those in charge.


Software Comprehensive Maintenance Management

SigeMan is the management system that a maintenance company needs to organize, plan and control all the actions of its technicians.


Comprehensive Building Management Software

SigeMao integrates all the stages of revisions associated to the different equipment that we define in the system. An easy and adaptable system to have the service organized.


Hotel Management Software

SigeHotel is the perfect system to manage the maintenance of any small or medium-sized hotel.

What do we offer

  • WEB environment service hosted on safe servers
  • Online communication system
  • Real-time communication with technicians
  • Accessible from any internet connection
  • No data loss
  • Comprehensive mobile management
  • Redundancies are eliminated
  • Greater control over technicians and suppliers
  • Detection of recurring problems
  • Management optimization
  • Global savings about 20%
  • Assignment of technicians to each incident
  • Planner tool on the calendar
  • Weekly organization in the technicians’ mobile
  • Resolution and service statistics
  • Analysis of the causes of problems
  • Analysis of the causes of problems
  • Results presentation
  • Resolution and service statistics
  • Direct application of KPI to the maintenance

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