SigeHotel Solution

The perfect system to manage the maintenance of any small or medium-sized hotel. We can work simultaneously with different departments in order to achieve an increase in quality standards and in the service to customers.

Real saving in management up to 40% - 50%

Increase in quality standards and in the service to customers


Improvement in service times and in customer satisfaction


Real time communication

Traceability of all interventions


It improves service times and, consequently, customer satisfaction as well, thanks to real time communication.

All our technicians have an App or WebApp in order to generate and solve incidents.

It requires no installation at all and allows online access from any location with an Internet connection.


  • Real time communication in order to send messages, images, files, etc.
  • Incident resolution and Check List from App or WebApp.
  • Online access to plans and documents of facilities.
  • CLOUD system that requires neither installation nor maintenance at all.

Saving And Cost Reduction

  • Saving in management over 40%.
  • Increase in profitability thanks to cost reduction.
  • Improvement in productivity as a consequence of improvement in service quality.
  • Automatic assignments of incidents in order to accelerate work.

Reports And Planning

  • Easy creation of reports on activities and resolution times.
  • Simple planning of preventives and process standardisation.
  • Interactive calendar in order to assign incidents.
  • Possibility of assignment of technicians depending on availability, resolution times, etc.