SigeMan Solution

A management system that a maintenance company and/or a technical assistance company needs in order to organise, plan and control all the work orders of their technicians and/or subcontractors.

Improves incident resolution times and cuts costs

Centralised information

Resolution of incidents by technicians from any app or webapp mobile device

Interactive calendar in order to schedule, plan and arrange work properly

Real time communication and file transfer

Without any installation, intuitive and user-friendly


Total and real time communication among customers, managers, technicians and subcontractors. Therefore, all services are absolutely and completely controlled.

Possibility of managing any actions: corrective, preventive, conductive, legal technical, purchase management, etc.

Adaptable to any company and their work processes.

Undoubtedly, the best option for any maintenance company or professional technical service.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly. It requires no installation or maintenance at all.
  • Real time communication in order to send messages, images, files, etc.
  • In-situ creation and management of incidents from mobile devices (App and WebApp).
  • Complete accessibility from any location with an Internet connection.

Saving And Cost Reduction

  • Improvement in productivity as a consequence of improvement in service quality.
  • Increase in profitability thanks to cost reduction.
  • Complete access to the technical documentation.
  • Automatic assignments and notifications in order to accelerate work.

Reports And Planning

  • Interactive calendar in order to assign or reassign work.
  • Possibility of assignment of technicians depending on availability, resolution times, etc.
  • Statistics about the commitment and effectiveness of technicians in order to analyse the service.
  • Easy creation of reports on expenses, billing, etc.