SigeMao Solution

A solution especifically designed for the needs in the integral maintenance of buildings.

Saving time and saving costs

Optimisation of resources thanks to an easy planning

Increase in service times and quality standards

Improvement in processes

Great control thanks to traceability of all actions


It includes all the stages of revisions, depending on the technical and legal requirements of facility maintenance. The system allows customers to thoroughly control the performance.

You can either automatically generate or manually control the operations to be performed in a more efficient way thanks to an objective and real time data contrast task.

Thanks to a full knowledge of all the facilities, a thorough study of all the elements of the installation is achieved, as well as a constant and continuous feedback provided with all the reports that are completed and that make the decision-making process easier.

Technology And Equipments

  • Reliable and easy-to-use databases.
  • Real time communication in order to send messages, images, files, etc.
  • Online access to plans and documents of equipments and facilities.
  • Check List and incident resolution from App or WebApp.

Saving And Control

  • Increase in profitability and global saving over 35%.
  • Optimisation in the resolution of incidents thanks to an automatic assignment.
  • Bigger control on all technicians and suppliers.
  • Reduction in paper use and, consequently, eco-friendly awareness.

Reports And Planning

  • Statistics in order to get an objective data contrast and a more effective setting of tasks.
  • Easy creation and analysis of activity reports and resolution times.
  • Definition and reports on legal requirements of equipments.
  • System with well-defined criteria for the display of ratios and observance of KPIs.