SigePro Solution

A management system that is perfect to organise and control what is done in several distributed establishments, regardless of how many they are or where they are located.

Global saving in management over 20%

Optimises maintenance and cuts costs


Improves communication and increases control

• Total traceability

Simple organisation of technicians and suppliers’ work


All incidents (preventive, corrective, conductive, legal technical, purchase management, properties,…) are registered and controlled in every step of the service, adapting to the procedures that every customer needs.

Communication is always constant and real time, so that there is a total control on every incident.

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • A CLOUD system solution that requires no installation at all.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • With accessibility for App and WebApp mobile devices.

Control And Global Saving

  • With an excellent communication and an even better administrative control, it achieves a minimum saving of 20% in the management.
  • It removes any work repetitions that may make you waste time and money.
  • With all the necessary reports on the activities done and the time employed for them.

Planning And Statistics

  • Manual or automatic assignment of incidents.
  • Interactive calendar to plan incidents.
  • Quick analysis of time of observance and effectiveness.
  • Ratio and KPIs analysis for decision making.