Smart FM Building TOOL

It can be defined as the tool that puts together all the disciplines and skills that are needed by a facility manager: smart design, monitoring of building management, facilities, maintenance and associated services. This platform is aimed towards the development of a more efficient and effective maintenance. With the help of new technologies, it integrates Sige21 (Facility Management Software), BMS (Building Management System) and BIM (Building Information Modelling). It takes a further step towards an optimised management of buildings because we are able to take profit of the power of the different systems in the company, using only one platform that is adapted to the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to the innovative technological architecture of the system and to its methods of optimised processes, we provide our customers with a valuable and smart management of buildings. And, at the end, that means a great profit for their businesses.


  • Improvement in energy efficiency and sustainability, analysing and optimising consumption (BMS).
  • Physical location, 3D display and technical features of every equipment.
  • Reliability on the adaptation of equipments to an optimal performance.
  • More efficient functioning, without inactivity periods.
  • Design of specific programmes for the maintenance of every facility.
  • Protocol settings and 100% observance of the RITE (Regulations of Thermal Installations in Buildings).
  • Document management, with real time access to the documentation of the facility.