In Sige21 we are specialists in the development of management solutions regarding different areas of maintenance. It is perfect for maintenance companies, for companies with a lot of branches in different locations, for small and medium-sized hotels, and for corporate buildings.

We develop software, so that we can get management savings and a comparative advantage over our competitors. Satisfaction and recognition from our customers, such as Triodos Bank, Aparcamientos Saba, Swatch, El Ganso, VivaGym, Onet, and GoFit are our best guarantee.

Sige21 is part of the Sagarbe Group, a Spanish company with more than twenty years of experience in building project management. More than twelve years ago, it got specialised in the development of integral maintenance and technical support services.

From the very beginning, Sagarbe has always bet for technology, using diverse management systems. But none of them really adapted to what the company needed every day in order to attend the necessities of their customers, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Loewe, Swatch, Samsung, Michael Kors, El Ganso, etc.

Taking into account those needs, they created a department which, with their own experience in maintenance management, developed a new software in order to improve what had been used up to that moment. Afterwards, seeing that having a software like that made their customers satisfied and also made them save costs, they decided to commercialise it creating Sige21.

A Unique System

In Sige21 we are specialised in the development of maintenance management software. Our systems have been developed by managers having in mind their own experiences and are based on international management systems.